Career Profile

Software Development Engineer with 3+ years of experience in data processing and data visualization. I have an Engineering Degree from Telecom Physique Strasbourg specialized in Healthcare Information Technologies.
Open-minded, creative and detail-oriented, I am proficient in building the softwares of tomorrow.


Software Development Engineer

2015 - Present
BIONEXT SA, Strasbourg, France

BiovizJS is a 3D molecular visualization Web application built on top of ThreeJS, a WebGL graphics library. I am in charge of all the aspects of software development : design, conception, building, tests and training. I have also implemented scientific publications data to improve the rendering quality and the computational performances.

Software Development Apprenticeship

2012 - 2015
IRCAD, Strasbourg, France

IRCAD is a training and research institute which aims to improve the treatment of patients with digestive cancer by using cutting-edge technologies. I have worked within the R&D department and for the first two years I have assisted my tutor in creating visualization tools. I have put in place software components to help predicting organ position during breathing and displayed those information on a VTK 3D scene. For my final year project, I improved and optimized 3D scene rendering by using Ogre3D, a C++ library.

Software Development Internship

BIONEXT SA, Strasbourg, France

BioNote is a plugin of Bioviz, a 3D molecular visualization software in Java developed by BIONEXT. My mission was to develop the proof of concept of a plugin aimed to easily create molecular animations. Its purpose is to help scientists to illustrate their research by providing interactive animations.


I will attempt to detail some of the projects I have participated to.

ThreeJS - A WebGL graphics library, designed to provide an easy to use, lightweight, 3D library. I am a consistent contributor of this library, trying to support every time I am encountering some bugs or want some new functionalities. If you want to check my open-source contributions, please check my GitHub profile.
Follow-Up - A personalized solution intended to support women in case of contraception accident, emergency and / or in the tracking of its regular contraception. I was in charge of the development of a mobile application and participated in establishing the business model. It has been developed during Hacking Health Camp Strasbourg 2016.
Secret Gift Of Bravery - A serious-game to help (pre-) adolescents to accept their diabetes through an educational video game. We have created an online card game, strongly inspired from games like Heartstone and Magic The Gathering, and which game mechanics were aimed to teach to young patients to manage their diabetes. My job was to lead the Unity development team. It has been developed during Hacking Health Camp Strasbourg 2015.
Biochips - Creation of an automated process for biochips production on a Biomek 2000 laboratory automation workstation. We were in charge of the establishment of the various parameters allowing the creation of biochips as well as developing the TCL code allowing automated control of the robot. This project has been made during an Engineering Project within Telecom Physique Strasbourg with a multidisciplinary team (physics, computer science, chemistry and industrial electronics).

Skills & Proficiency

Javascript & ThreeJS




Image Processing